Do You Hate Your Work Enough?

Do you love your work? And by work I mean the products you create. Maybe it’s a website, maybe a software application, maybe a piece of art–whatever it is, are you really happy with the outcome? Are you truly happy with what you call finished?

If you don’t love that which you produce, then do you hate it? Do you truly hate it? Does it linger on your mind and make you angry every time you think about it? Because if it doesn’t, then what do you feel? Perhaps you feel nothing about it, perhaps you don’t care?

The way I see it there are two emotions you should feel about your work: love and hate. If you succeed in what you set out to do, then you will love your work. If you fail, then you will hate it. You will hate every little bit about it that doesn’t work, that could be done better, that’s out of place, that’s underdone, that’s not quite finished, that’s not quite there yet. All the flaws are like scars, fueling that strong feeling of frustration and dissatisfaction. You know you can do better. You know you should do better. You will not settle until you’re happy with the finished piece.

Don’t feel it? Then what do you feel? If you feel nothing then does your work really matter to you? Are you prepared to settle for mediocrity? Love it, hate it, just don’t be indifferent.

July 2010