Written and designed by Dmitry Fadeyev (@dfadeyev).

Typeset in Equity. Equity, besides being an outstanding typeface (e.g. it comes with 2 weight grades and a properly spaced small caps font), comes with the best font license I’ve seen so far—it’s just 1 page and it lets you do pretty much anything you want with the font (besides reselling it of course). In a world of stingy, paranoid font licenses this is refreshing and welcome.

Built with Jekyll, a static site generator. If you’re using something like WordPress to run a blog, consider switching. It will save you maintenance and security headaches, make your site faster, and probably save you money as you can host it for free at places like GitHub Pages.

Hosted on DigitalOcean. If you’d like to try DigitalOcean, use this link to get $10 credit. It’s an affiliate link, so I get credit if you use it to sign up through it. I have no affiliation with DigitalOcean other than using them, but if you want my opinion I’d say that my experience with them has been great so far. They obviously cater to advanced users—server management is done through the command line—so if that’s not familiar to you then they may not be right for you.