Sep 24

Design Through the Lens of the Human Condition

On the transformation of design from a product to a process oriented activity and the consequences thereof
All definitions of the term “design” that I have ever encountered are written from a universalist point of view, that is, they all assume that there is only one true definition of the term. They assume this because their authors subconscious...
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Sep 18

Consumer Media

Critiques of modern mass media in terms of depth and accuracy of reporting are commonplace. They are also completely wrong. They are wrong for the simple reason that mass media, including practically all content created by individual publishers, is not ...
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Jun 22

On Style

Authenticity in a work of art—and this is actually a tautology because only works that are authentic are art—is the measure of wether or not the work reflects the author’s authentic self, the authentic self being the person’s com...
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Jun 20


For it is not the material, but the absence of the human labor, which makes the thing worthless; and a piece of terra cotta, or of plaster of Paris, which has been wrought by human hand, is worth all the stone in Carrara, cut by machinery.
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Jun 18

On Writing for One's Self

Of all that is written I love only what a man has written with his blood. Write with blood, and you will experience that blood is spirit.
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Jun 13

Works of the Spirit

In my post on anti-materialism I differentiated between two types of works: works that focus on the material, i.e. all the ephemeral pleasures of consumer society, and those that focus on the spiritual, i.e. the kinds that elevate the mind to higher pla...
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May 29

On Contemplation

In Days of Reading, Proust puts forward the idea that the value of reading is not an exploration and assimilation of new ideas or experiences, but rather, the process through which one can achieve heightened spiritual awareness:
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May 22


Human lives span on average seventy years. The content of those years – our values, pursuits and ideas – can have a much longer timespan. From the moment of our birth our mind is filled with human constructs that, in some cases, have origina...
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Apr 23


The typical anti-materialist argument presents itself, broadly speaking, as follows. The essence of man lies in his mind, and so, any progress that mankind can achieve can only happen by looking inward and challenging yourself, by overcoming yourself. A...
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Mar 20

For Ever

Fast-changing technology obsoletes products, but the obsolescence is also present in other fields that do not benefit from it. For example, almost every electric kettle on the market today is designed like an aerodynamic tractor; it is fit for purpose b...
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