The Reading Habit (Continued)

Further thoughts on the effects of daily habits on media consumption and a reason for the decline of RSS
Oct 16 · Dmitry Fadeyev

The Reading Habit

Leveraging the power of habits to grow readership
Oct 15 · Dmitry Fadeyev


The collective cultural and intellectual capital of a society is a civilization. Civilization cannot be contained and supported by any...
Sep 26 · Dmitry Fadeyev

What is Art?

To understand what art is one must first understand what value is. Value is a living organism’s drive without a...
Jun 20 · Dmitry Fadeyev

A Moment Is Enough

On the Pursuit of Timeless Design
Mar 17 · Dmitry Fadeyev

Emeralds of the Mind

Modern Aesthetic as a Platonic Ideal
Feb 24 · Dmitry Fadeyev


Commercialization of Humanity
Feb 21 · Dmitry Fadeyev

The Two Minds

Of Fire and Ice
Feb 15 · Dmitry Fadeyev


People don’t want Reason, they want rationalizations. People don’t seek the Truth, they seek assurances. To search for Reality is...
Feb 11 · Dmitry Fadeyev

The Problem of Inequality

The case for equality of wealth – or rather, the case against excessive inequality of wealth, since absolute equality is...
Feb 9 · Dmitry Fadeyev

The Role of the Press

Don't Inform, Mobilize
Feb 4 · Dmitry Fadeyev